Reaktor Dev Day is a conference for developers by developers. It brings together the programming scene and its hottest speakers in a laid-back and friendly environment.


September 26th 2014.
The day after
Reaktor Design Day.


Event Center Telakka
00150 Helsinki

Speakers 2014

Erik Meijer
Erik Meijer

Applied Duality

Erik Meijer is a Dutch computer scientist and entrepreneur. From 2000 to early 2013 he was a software architect for Microsoft where he headed the Cloud Programmability Team. In early 2013 Erik Meijer left Microsoft and started Applied Duality Incorporated. Meijer's research has included the areas of functional programming compiler implementation, parsing, programming language design, XML, and foreign function interfaces. His accomplishments include major contributions to C#, the design of LINQ and Rx Reactive Extensions.

Matias Niemelä
Matias Niemelä


Matias is a full-stack developer with over ten years of experience developing open-source software and crafting together web applications. He currently works as a core developer on the AngularJS project primarily developing ngAnimate, AngularDart, documentation as well as the Angular forms. Outside of Angular, Matias is off enhancing his blog, yearofmoo.com, to push the limits of technical blogging, developing videos for egghead.io and speaking in front of large groups of programmers.

More speakers will be announced soon

Past speakers

Bryan O'Sullivan
Bryan O'Sullivan


Scott Chacon
Scott Chacon


Martin Odersky
Martin Odersky

Scala programming language

Kevin Mitnick
Kevin Mitnick

Security consultant

Stuart Halloway
Stuart Halloway



Reaktor Dev Day is a one-day, four track conference arranged by the creative technology company Reaktor. Back in 2010, we got tired of having so few quality tech conferences with international speakers in Finland. We then took the matter in our own hands, and this year, Dev Day will be organized for the fourth time. Did you miss the last year’s event or just feel like a rundown on some of the action? Check out the event photos, videos, speakers’ slides and the live blog!


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Sami Honkonen

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Markus Hjort

Organizer & coder
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Event Center Telakka

Henry Fordin katu 6
00150 Helsinki Finland